Raphaela Gromes unterzeichnet Exklusivvertrag bei SONY

und wird ab sofort von

WEIGOLD & BÖHM International Tours and Artists



 Gewinnerin des Deutschen Musikwettbewerbs 2016,

Solistin der Bundesauswahl junger Künstler


Remi Award in Gold beim Houston International Independent Film Festival für "Cello nightmare":


Meisterkurs bei Yo-Yo Ma am 26.01.2016:

Reportage bei KlickKlack mit Sol Gabetta
Beitrag in der Abendschau

"I was so impressed listening to the Gromes Riem Duo perform the Debussy Sonata at a master class in Munich recently. 
Admittedly it is not a natural setting for performance, yet the duo played with great aplomb. But what impressed me was the the openness of their approach to the music, and their obvious wish to communicate the content to their public. It is their courageous curiosity and energy that impressed me. Their commitment to one another as duo partners for four years is further testimony to their commitment to forge a lasting meaningful musical partnership, and to share their musical discoveries with a larger public."

Yo-Yo Ma